Educational Material                          


CCUSA Brochures are developed and reviewed annually by the Education Representative, verified, and re-approved by Top Management.


External Sources

CCUSA provides also brochures issued by the Federal Trade Commission on Fair Debt Collection, Fair Credit Reporting, and other educational resources.




Internet Resources

CCUSA offers effective but easy-to-understand online education and guides to support the personal financial needs of consumers.




Our educational program is intended to educate our clients with knowledge and indebtedness of credit.
Bookkeeping program is designed to help you manage your unsecured and secured finances for every individuals needs.
Debt management program Consolidates help your unsecured debts in single monthly payments. Benefits may include reduction or elimination late fees, and over limit fee charges.

About Us

Consumer Credit U.S.A, Inc was incorporated on March 05, 2002, under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purpose in the State of California. The Internal Revenue Service recognizes our organization as a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt nonprofit corporation. Our Federal Identification number is 75-3012758.

Consumer Credit U.S.A, Inc (hereinafter called CCUSA) is organized to provide the community with credit education. The CCUSA Debt Management Program provided through the cooperation of welfare and legal aid social services groups, merchants, banks and finance companies. CCUSA offers consumer free credit counseling and advisory servers to help consumers help themselves. Our goal is to relieve financial burden on wages earners and their dependents and to decease the economic losses to individuals, creditors and the community resulting from unnecessary bankruptcies.

Consumer Credit U.S.A

At Consumer Credit USA we are a non-profit credit counseling agency that offers confidential and professional financial education, budget counseling, as well as debt management, and financial education programs to consumers.

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